Top 6 tools for successful work

One day Oleh Demyanyuk decided to share his knowledge about different tools, which help specialists and usual people to work more productively. What programs make your life easier?

  • Freemind – allows you to save the information in free way. It has convenient structure, which helps to remember some information, to add examples, to find necessary words. Freemind is for people who like to have everything in order . Oleh says that you can make special structure with columns, links and additional information.
  • LastPass – saves password, notes, sharing, generation. Its advantage is the quickness. When you use different browsers it’s difficult to remember all information. This tool uses passwords for websites. So you can work without problems and the fear to forget important information.
  • Bitbucket – a tool for saving middle changes in the project. It is convenient for tracking all changes in the end of the work.
  • Xmind – keeps all information of your project. If you haven’t an access to your personal computer, you can use somebody’s and add some information with help of this tool. It has some filters which show you necessary information.
  • TeamGantt – there you can use comments to speak with other members of the group. This tool helps to identify the deadline of the project. Also you see all tasks. TeamGantt shows the customer what you do for developing of his project. All information is saved on Google Driver.
  • InVision – creates a space where a customer interacts with a developer. A customer writes comments and a developer notes where he has a mistake. If you use InVision, you can add other designers and work with them remotely. You have even more tools with Sketch. You can create what you want and see how it looks like.

The team of InsilicoSoft knows all advantages of these tools and uses them while developing software for their clients to make their common work  more productive and more pleasant for both sides.  

The team of InsilicoSoft offers clients a product which helps to transform an idea to successful business. If you work with us, you will get a good result. Our team has dozen versions of realization of your idea!


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