Larry Sam, Adopt a Brat

I had the privilege of hiring Insilico as the company to build and complete my website. The entire transaction was handled with 100 percent professionalism.
Before the project started, I was given a layout of how the project would proceed. I was assigned a project manager, a frontend developer, a backend developer and a tester. A complete team.
The user interface, logic, security, permissions, etc. were all taken into consideration during the build. Improvements and enhancements were made along the way as the developers noticed areas for improvement.
I was very impressed with how the more complicated parts of the build were handled. Each time, the team pulled together to make it work. My web site includes a thorough backend, a full Admin built from scratch, several API’s, lots of frontend html and complicated logic.
The progress moved along at a very steady pace. I was always given regular updates and pre-tested results. The project finished on schedule. After the completion of the project, there were a few minor issues that needed tweaking. All issues were addressed immediately and fixed.
I am very pleased with Insilico and have already started another project with them. I fully recommend Insilico.

General Secretary of Demalliance A.Sydorenko

Frankly this is my first pleasant experience with programmers. All previous experiences left not the most enjoyable memories. We are ready to write a lot of good reviews, but the key points we liked the most were your flexibility, efficiency, loyalty and customer orientation. The latter, by the way, is the rule in Europe, but still not as frequent in Ukraine.

Larry Sam, Adopt a Brat

I am consistently impressed by the tremendous level of talent and the proficiency of skills from Insilico.
Everything from their ongoing cooperation, availability and quality of work are at the highest levels.
I can personally recommend Insilico.

Centre UA Team

We were really glad to notice that the developed system boosted our organization’s productivity, fixed a lot of communication issues, and helped to easily involve new participants. Our users are really satisfied with slick and modern design of the web application. None of this would ever be possible without your excellent ability to listen and understand what we as clients wanted. We will definitely return to you for developing our next projects.