Enterprise Social Networks Break Down Boundaries

People often work in the same company, but sometimes even do not know each other, especially if they work at different offices. Employees are afraid of their bosses and avoid meetings with them. All of these creates different boundaries between workers or sometimes groups of them.

As a result the atmosphere in the office becomes very stressful. In this case we need something to break these boundaries, and the best decision for you will be Enterprise Social Network.

We all the time create different tools to improve our business and it is really a great assistant, which will make your office team more friendly, organized and efficient.

Enterprise Social Networks break:

1) Geographic boundaries.

Enterprise social networking (ESN) fosters collaboration across teams, departments, divisions, functions, etc. It can break down the geographic boundaries that traditionally isolate groups of employees in different continents, countries or even offices. Sitting at distant work places employees may even not know each other, but when they get acquainted, they recognize the power of their company, they feel themselves the part of something big and they have passion to work harder for their company.

2) Personal boundaries.

ESN also helps to breaks boundaries between the hierarchies of the company. Leaders communicate with staff,  and also can listen to what employees are saying. It is very important to communicate with your workers, because they may have great ideas but to be too shy to express them. And employers almost always have a great experience and can share it with their workers through micro blogs, so in this way all the members of the team becomes closer and the team by itself becomes more productive. It is also important for employees to be in good relations, because in difficult situations for company they must work together but not be the competitors.

3) Time boundaries.

You may share updates as microblog posts to instantly share information with colleagues, project teams and communities of interest. Create social channels for sharing news in real-time and gather feedback in one place without clogging up everyone’s inboxes. It will safe your time and time of your colleagues. You will not need a lot of time for conferences or to wait for everybody to gather in one room. One should not even be in office to take part in the conversation, so in this way workers fo example may go for a meeting abroad and to be aware of all business at work.

Now we may say that Entesprise Social Networks break down geographic, personal and time boundaries and bring workers together as tightly-knit community. They improve the effectiveness of communication between employees and the company, which of course influence the financial income of the company.

So, if you want your company to be well organized and profitable you should think which tools would you like to use and which ones can meet all your needs at once. Maybe ENS is special for you and your company.

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